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Snow Leopard Spotting Expedition In Spiti

Snow Leopard Spotting Expedition In Spiti

Adventure Cost Rs. 81900

Trip Introduction :

High up in the Himalayan mountains, reigns a powerful, elusive and endangered cat, the Snow Leopard, also known as The Grey Ghost of the Himalayas. This mysterious species is so rare that it is believed that only a few hundred of them are left in the wild.  

With increasing sightings of the Snow Leopard, Kibber has marked itself on the map as a hotspot destination for wildlife spotting. The success of Snow Leopard sightings in Spiti is about 50% which is considered to be the highest in the world. 

Winters in Spiti are harsh and unforgiving. The temperatures drastically plummet down and nearly everything on the landscape, right from the rivers to the waterfalls freeze into stillness. A seemingly unending white sheet of snow entirely covers the otherwise Martian valley. With heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, the valley turns into a white sea. Time stands still. 

A layman will not have much to do in the Spitian winters. Let aside activities, survival will be the greatest achievement for most of them. Here’s why this expedition is meant for true-blue adventurers, the mad-men as we call them. Winters will make the hardcore wildlife enthusiasts learn how to survive in harsh conditions without basic facilities just like the locals do, wake up and sleep in sub-zero temperatures, indulge in soul Spitian food and spot the rarest of Himalayan species including the Snow Leopard, Red fox, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Ibex. 

Winters are the best time to spot The Snow Leopard, a predatory carnivore that migrates down chasing their herbivore prey that in turn descends down to lower altitudes in search of food and water. This creates a window of opportunity for us to spot the elusive cat in its predacious element.     

This is a one of a kind expedition for wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts that lets them rough it out in the trans-Himalayan peaks and document the raw high altitude wildlife of Spiti. Make sure you carry a wide angle lens to capture the enormous beauty and landscape of the upper Himalayas and a telephoto zoom lens with at least 400 mm.

Day 1 

Drive from Shimla to Kalpa. Overnight stay in Kalpa.
Kms covered: 222.8 Km

Day 2 

Drive from Kalpa to Tabo. Overnight stay in Tabo.
Kms covered: 149.3 Km

Day 3 

Drive from Tabo to Kibber. Overnight in Kibber.
Kms covered: 67.0 Km

Day 4 

This will be a rest day in Kibber for acclimatization. Overnight stay in Kibber.

Day 5 to Day 9 

We start our in-depth exploration of the Spiti Valley and embark on an expedition of spotting the rarest predator, the Snow Leopard, and other Himalayan wildlife. The schedule would vary based on sighting records at the time of the tour.

Day 10 

Drive from Kibber to Tabo. Overnight stay at Tabo.
Kms covered: 67.0 Km

Day 11

Drive from Tabo to Kalpa. Overnight stay at Kalpa.
Kms covered: 149.3 Km

Day 12

Drive from Kalpa to Shimla. Overnight stay at Shimla.  
Kms covered: 222.8 Km



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Departure Dates:

Jan 01,2020 to Jan 12,2020

Jan 20,2020 to Jan 31,2020

Feb 01,2020 to Feb 12,2020

Feb 18,2020 to Feb 29,2020

Mar 01,2020 to Mar 12,2020

Mar 20,2020 to Mar 31,2020

Destination Highlights :

Out of all the destinations known for spotting the snow leopard in India the success of snow leopard sightings in Kibber Spiti is known to be 50% which is considered to be the highest in the world.

Guided by Photography sessions/ Expert advice and assistance/ Image reviews during the entire tour.


Snow Leopard Spotting in India Itinerary

Additional Information :


Accommodation in Shimla and Kalpa (Twin/ Triple sharing basis at Hotels, Basic Homestays/ Camps and similar options). Ground transportation during the tour (Shimla - Shimla). All meals (simple vegetarian food) during the tour, except on Day 1 and Day 12. All types of permits and fees. Photography sessions, expert advice and assistance, and image reviews during the tour. All taxes applicable.


Travel to Shimla from your location and return travel from Shimla to your location. Insurance. Additional food/ snacks, bottled water or other beverages ordered. Anything not mentioned in the Inclusions.

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