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India is a haven for Wildlife and we can’t even begin to describe how uniquely endowed the Jungles of India are. The diversity in the climates, landscapes and flora and fauna, right from the towering Himalayas standing tall in the North to the bountiful tropical forests in the South, is fascinating. 

Just to reflect and realize that our country is a proud native to a wide variety of animals and birds, so many never found anywhere else on earth is surreal.  India is the only abode where a wildlife enthusiast can find Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, Asiatic Lions, Indian leopards, Snow leopards, Clouded leopards, the Great Indian Rhino and an interesting and wide range of birdlife, all in one place.

Did you know there are only about 34 Biodiversity hotspots around the world and India hosts 3 of them, namely - The Western Ghats, The Eastern Himalayas, and the Indo-Burma region. But wait a second, before we fill ourselves with the assurance that our country already has enough and we do not need to do anything else except devour its beauty, then let us break a myth for you. Biodiversity hotspots are by definition regions whose abundant biodiversity is threatened by a significant loss of habitat. This only means, with inheritance, comes great responsibility. Where there is beauty, there is a need to preserve it.

AdventureN as a community aims at bringing forth the offerings of the wildlife along with the awareness of sustainable tourism and its greater impacts on the environment. We only curate niche wildlife experiences and unique package elements across the country where man and nature can co-exist in perfect harmony. 

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Pench National Park ...

If you’ve read Rudyard Kipling’s much loved and celebrated ‘Jungle Book’, then you’d be ecstatic to know that The Pench National Park was the setting for all the startling adventures of our beloved man-cub, Mowgli. A place that can spark the greatest wildlife imagination of our lives has to be replete with great animal &  bird life, isn't it? Located in Central India, Pench Tiger Reserve is divided into different areas, with a part placed on the border of Madhya Pradesh and the other in Maharashtra.  The ferocious Tiger dominates the wilderness of Pench and their number in the region has slowly risen in the last few years, making this the perfect destination for tiger safari tours in India. While Tigers are the biggest enticement for all tourists visiting Pench, this region also hosts spe...
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The Royal Bengal Tiger

4 Days


Rs. 17000

Snow Leopard in India

13 Days


Rs. 81900

Snow Leopard Spottin...

High up in the Himalayan mountains, reigns a powerful, elusive and endangered cat, the Snow Leopard, also known as The Grey Ghost of the Himalayas. This mysterious species is so rare that it is believed that only a few hundred of them are left in the wild.   With increasing sightings of the Snow Leopard, Kibber has marked itself on the map as a hotspot destination for wildlife spotting. The success of Snow Leopard sightings in Spiti is about 50% which is considered to be the highest in the world.  Winters in Spiti are harsh and unforgiving. The temperatures drastically plummet down and nearly everything on the landscape, right from the rivers to the waterfalls freeze into stillness. A seemingly unending white sheet of snow entirely covers the otherwise Martian valley. With ...
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