1. "You" means the person/s in whose name and / or whose behalf the booking is made. Alternatively, the reference may be made in the third person as "tour participant" / "they" / "Client" / "them" / "his" / "her".
  2. "We" "Company" means Citius AdventureN Private limited.
  3. "Infant" / "Child" mean respectively a person below the age of two years and a person more than the age of two and below the age of twelve years.
  4. "Terms and Conditions" means the terms and conditions contained herein below, Brochure, itinerary, promotion booklet and other documents as may be notified from time to time. "Booking Documents" shall mean Booking Form and such other documents as we may deem fit including (without limitation) THE 'TERMS & CONDITIONS', 'HOW TO BOOK' RULES AND 'PRICE GRID'
  5. "Contractor" / "Supplier" means supplier of any infrastructural facility and shall include hotel managements, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment like theme parks, museums, art galleries shipping company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach etc. who are to provide the services to the Clients.
  6. "Price Grid" means a document which incorporates the standard tour package cost as of the date of proposal, the foreign exchange component and INR component along with tour package inclusions, exclusions, departure dates, important notes etc.
  7. "Tour cost" means the tour cost mentioned in the price grid / brochures / online and other payments such as taxes, surcharges etc payable by the Clients to the Company.
  8. "Brochure" means printed brochure, website, itinerary, leaflets, booklet, price grid.
  9. "Website" means
  10. "Web pages" means pages on the website
  11. "Cancellation Policy" means and includes all the cancellation charges along with GST of 18% levied by the Company from time to time, third party cancellation charges etc . as more particularly described hereinbelow or any other documents.
  12. "Visa Cancellation Policy" means and includes all the cancellation policies of the concerned Consulate wherein cancellation charges are levied by consulate which also includes 100% cancellation charges of visa fees and any supplementary charges like visa facilitation charges, courier fees, SMS charges, urgent fees charged by the consulate in addition to the administrative fees charged by the Company.
  13. "Visa" means a Certificate issued or a stamp marked (on the applicant's passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant's credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period.
  14. (Note: The Company does not have any role to play for issuance / rejection of Visa other than being merely a facilitator)
  15. "Jurisdiction" means the geographical area over which a court or government body has the power and right to exercise authority. Parties hereto agree to confer exclusive Jurisdiction to Mumbai Courts / Forums.

We make all possible efforts to secure services from reputed suppliers for you so that you can travel safely and securely and you get best value for money. Our individual customized tours We also sell travel related products designed and operated by Third Parties. All our products are sold subject to the terms and conditions set out in the Booking Documents and the contract between the Client and us shall be governed by the same. In the event of the Client booking through us any third party tours or travel products or services, the terms and conditions specified by such Third Party / Tour Operator, including their payment schedule, cancellation, refund, rules and regulations etc. shall be applicable, in addition to our Terms and Conditions. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, kindly read the Tour Brochure, the Price Grid, the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions carefully.


We take reasonable care in preparing the brochure, price grid, web pages and other documents and in describing the services therein. However, we are not liable for any typographical / printing errors.

Furthermore, brochures may be printed several months in advance and the descriptions of the services mentioned in the Brochure are as normally available and as accurate as possible and content may not always be fully updated. We therefore ask you to confirm the current information by contacting us. Circumstances beyond our control like major road works, traffic congestions, weather conditions, fairs, festivals, sport events, political / religious gatherings, strikes, change of management / closure of hotels / restaurants, over booking of hotels / flights, cancellation / re-routing of flights or railways, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sight seeing may result in changes in the services / itineraries. Therefore, we reserve our absolute right to alter, amend, change or modify the Tour Package, Itineraries, Tour Schedule, Travel Plan, Tour arrangements and sightseeing mentioned in the Brochure. Where we may know of these changes sufficiently in advance we may notify you. There are also very big Fairs and Exhibitions and events lasting up to 2 weeks or even more, where all the hotels are fully booked several years ahead. In such cases, the applicable cancellation charges levied by third party suppliers such as hotels, cruises, airlines are 100%, which are payable by you. Every effort is made to avoid such dates, but in the few instances where it is unavoidable, it may be necessary to stay in hotels in other cities. (This would be advised at the time of booking). We request your co-operation where such changes are made. No complaints or grievances in this regard would be entertained either during the tour or after the tour has concluded.

Photos of meals / hotel rooms / transportation / sightseeing / properties published in the Brochure are only for reference and may differ from the actual meal served / sights etc. Distance, Exchange Rate, Visa regulations and temperatures etc. mentioned in the Brochure are approximate or may vary. In case the alternate arrangements made are materially superior as compared to the ones described in the Brochure, we reserve the right to charge extra for the same anytime.

We do not take any responsibility / liability of third party products displayed on our Website and cannot give any assurance or warranty regarding contents, quality or safety of the product in any way, nor would we be liable / responsible in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency, loss, damage or injury sustained by you as a result of availing such products and services.

90 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking. 10% 20 days Prior to departure
60 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking. 25% 20 days Prior to departure
45 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking. 50% 20 days Prior to departure
30 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking. 75% 20 days Prior to departure
15 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking. 100% 20 days Prior to departure
75 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking Rs. 20,000/- per person 30 days Prior to departure
60 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking 50% 60 days Prior to departure
59 days prior to departure date Charges as applicable to be paid at the time of booking 100% -

Note: If there is any Land Arrangements purchased in conjunction with Cruise Vacation, please refer the Table 1 for Land Arrangements payments.

Notes for both the above mentioned tables: -
  1. Currently GST of 5% is applicable on the total package cost mentioned in the actual invoice and services availed. GST Rates are Subject to Change.
  2. A tax invoice shall be raised as required under the applicable rules of GST with respect to the content and timing of issuance of invoice.
  3. The prices quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking and also subject to change.
  4. In cases where the tour price, as mentioned in the Price Grid, quoted to you comprises of both foreign currency (i.e. Euro, Sterling Pounds , US Dollar etc) and INR component, then payment made by you in INR for the foreign currency component of the Price Grid shall be subject to the rate of exchange ("ROE") prevailing at the date/time of making such payments. Therefore, please be informed that the total price quote stated at the date of booking may vary due to market led currency fluctuations applicable on the date of payment (as per the Payment Schedule). Such fluctuations are not within the control of the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for any variance in the price quoted at the time of booking and the total amount required to be paid as per the payment schedule.

In the event you are booking through us a tour / travel service of any third party operators like Insight Vacations, Trafalgar, Cosmos, Star Cruise etc., the terms and conditions of such third party operators, including their payment schedule, cancellation, refund etc, shall be applicable to you in addition to our Terms and Conditions.


Please refer to the relevant section in the Price Grid for the tour cost. It is your responsibility to go through the contents of Price Grid carefully and understand the inclusions and exclusions of the tour cost. For all services will be provided to you as per those specified / confirmed and paid for as per the Invoices and Service Vouchers. If you avail any service such as porterage, room service, laundry, excess baggage charge, a la carte meals, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, mineral water, paid toilets etc. or anything that is not specifically shown as included in the Tour Cost, then the payment for the same will have to be cleared by you.


You can purchase our services from our sales outlets, agents or franchises. In the alternative, you can register and book your tour / services online through our Website. During the course of online booking on our Website, you will have the opportunity to go through our Booking Documents and privacy policy, which are displayed on our Website and which you will need to confirm and accept in the course of booking online. Hence, you will have to peruse the Booking Documents online and "Accept" the terms and conditions set out in the Booking Documents, post which we shall send you confirmation e-mail towards your acceptance of the Booking Documents forming a valid and legally binding contract between you and us upon simultaneous receipt of the booking amount. We shall share with you the hard copies of the Booking Documents which you have accepted online over email. Please note that the Booking Documents need not be signed physically, your online Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Booking Documents will constitute an enforceable and legally binding contract. Our Website provides the facility of making online booking of tours and services. However, we cannot give any guarantee or warranty with respect to the Website booking engine which could malfunction due to well-known reasons including but not limited to software or network errors. We have incorporated all modern protection technologies to ensure that information concerning you or your payments made are kept secure and confidential on our Website. However, please note that in case of online payment you will be re-directed from our Website to the concerned bank's webpage and the payment gateway where your credit card / debit card / net banking details (such as credit/debit cards numbers, CVV number etc) will be stored by the respective bank and the payment gateway for which we shall not be responsible / liable.It is made clear that the online booking shall be effective once you make payment towards the booking amount and confirm the Terms and Conditions. We would also require a copy of the first two pages and last two pages of your passport which show the date of your passport, place and date of issue and expiry, amongst other documentation. Please see under the 'Documentation' section for the list.

The Company reserves the right to decline to register any person / s for any tour or to cancel their registration without assigning any reason and without any compensation whatsoever.


We shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable / responsible to you or any person travelling with you, for loss of baggage by the airline, failure to provide meal of your choice by the airline, denied boarding or down-gradation due to overbooking or any other reason, failure on the part of the airline to accommodate you despite having confirmed tickets, quality or quantity of meals offered by the airlines, flight delays or rescheduling, flight cancellation, changes of flight schedule or routing, change of airline mentioned at the time of booking etc. In these circumstances, we will not be liable / responsible for the injury, loss, cost or inconvenience suffered by you but you will be free to pursue your remedies against the concerned airline.


Airlines have restrictions on the kind of baggage, number and weight of baggage that you can carry and you will need to carefully read and understand the rules and regulations of the airline, in this regard. Hence you must refer to the concerned airline's luggage rules and regulations. It is suggested that you carry one trolley bag and one hand bag for better mobility. Typically, weight restrictions on baggage for Economy Class is 20 Kg, for Business Class 30 kg and for First Class is 40 kg and 1 hand bag (cabin luggage) having dimensions of 115 linear cms. and not exceeding 7 kg per person except for flights to USA and Canada, where the passengers are permitted to carry 2 pieces of checked-in baggage and 1 hand bag. In the case of low cost carriers that are used by the Company during the tour, the permitted baggage allowance may be lower than what is mentioned above.

Baggage is not included for internal flights in USA. One needs to pay for every piece of baggage checked in. The charges vary from USD 25 to USD 35 per bag. Please check with your sales staff for correct details.

Please note that every airline has a different set of rules and regulations regarding the weight restrictions and furthermore, airlines keep changing the rules quite frequently. Hence, you are requested to please check the updated baggage rules of the individual airlines, with whom the ticket is booked.

We are not liable / responsible in any manner if you are unable to carry any baggage or if you have to pay any extra charges due to restrictions imposed by the airline. You shall be liable / responsible to pay all such charges directly to the airline. Also, we are not liable / responsible for any loss or damage to baggage while it is in the custody of the airline.

Please be careful to ensure that cameras, binoculars, musical instruments, mobile phones, credit / debit cards, ornaments, traveler's cheques, currency notes, travel documents should never be left unattended in the hotel, restaurant, aircraft, coach or any other mode of transportation, at the place of amusement / sightseeing and / or at the railway station. Similarly the aforesaid items should not be kept in the checked-in baggage. If you misplace or lose any moveable property we will not be in any way responsible and / or liable. We may not be in a position to assist and / or lodge a complaint with the authorities.


The Company is not liable / responsible for any additional expenses or loss that may arise from government regulation or order affecting the aircraft, strikes and labour disputes causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of work, meteorological conditions, security risks, or any other causes that are beyond the Company's control but which may affect concerned airline's ability to operate flights on schedule. The Company will not reimburse any additional expenses incurred by you as a result of such events or delays. The Company will not refund any unused portion of air tickets purchased in the event of such delays or due to any reasons beyond its direct control.


Please note that porterage is not included in the tour price. It is often difficult to get porters to assist as hotels may or may not provide this service and it is therefore advisable to use bags with wheels. Coaches have limited space for luggage and hence we permit only one suitcase and one handbag per person in the coach. The suitcase should be of a size of 158 cms. (width + length + height) preferably with wheels for sake of convenience.


It is advisable that the tour participants carry their valuables on their person at all times. If Safe Deposit Lockers are available, the tour participants should avail the facility at their own risks and liability. This facility may be additionally charged by the hotel, which will have to be directly paid by the Client to the hotel. If the Safe Deposit facility is not available, the tour participants must take all necessary precautions in protecting their valuables as the Company / Service Providers / Company's representatives shall not be liable / responsible for any loss of valuables or for making good such loss.


For booking tours / buying foreign exchange for International Travel (other than travel to Nepal and Bhutan), following documentation is required:

  • Physically signed booking form by the traveller. (not required in case of online booking)
  • Physically signed terms and conditions form by the traveller . (not required in case of online booking)
  • Physically signed LRS cum Form A2 by the traveller [Only for international travel]
  • Signed photocopy of the first 2 pages and last 2 pages of your passport.
  • Valid Visa issued by the country of visit.
  • Air tickets.
  • Cheque / Demand draft has to be in the name of "Citius AdventureN Private limited."
    • For tour booking, copy of PAN card self attested is mandatorily required for any tour where in total tour cost per booking / booking ID exceeds Rs. 2 Lacs.
    • For purchase of foreign exchange, copy of PAN card is mandatorily required for purchase of foreign exchange over Rs .50,000/-.
    • In case of minor where PAN Card is not available, the PAN Card details of parent / guardian are required.
    • You will have to provide a declaration in Form 60 in case you do not have PAN Card.
    • Copy of PAN Card / Form 60 is mandatorily required with self attested declaration, if payment of Rs.50,000/- or more is made in cash per booking / booking ID irrespective of the value of tour cost.
    • Please note the following requirements for address proof:


(i) Passport, (ii) PAN Card,(iii) Voter's Identity Card,(iv) Driving License,(v) Aadhaar Card.

In case of LOW risk customers, "simplified measures" can be applied which shall be deemed to be "officially valid documents".

Identity card with applicant's photograph issued by central/state government departments, statutory / regulatory authorities, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks and public financial institutions.

Letter issued by a gazette officer with a duly attested photograph of the person.

Where "simplified measures" are applied for verifying for the limited purpose of proof of address, the following additional documents are deemed to be Officially Valid Documents (OVD):

vii) Utility bill which is not more than two months old of any service providers (electricity, telephone, post paid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill); viii) Property or municipal tax receipt; ix) Bank account or Post office savings bank account statement; x) Pension or family pension payment orders, only if they contain address; xi) Letter of allotment of accommodation.

If the proof of address you are providing is in the name of some other member of your family with whom you are living and are closely related, then you would need to provide us such proof of address as mentioned above along with a declaration from the person named in such proof of address stating that you are a relative and are staying with him / her.

If the document of identity produced has an address which is the same as that declared by the prospective Client, the said document may be accepted as valid proof of both identity and address. If different or if a valid photo ID does not have address, then a separate address proof should be submitted.


If you forget to carry or if you lose essential travel documents such as passport, visa, tickets etc., you may be compelled to curtail the tour and you may have to incur extra expenses, for which you alone shall be liable / responsible.

In view of what is stated above, please carefully note that:

  1. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage in respect of your baggage etc. or their contents whether due to theft, accident, negligence or otherwise;
  2. We shall not be responsible / liable for any cancellation, curtailment or extension of your tour compelled by any such loss of baggage etc. and we shall pay no compensation or refund to you ;
  3. Some coverage in respect of baggage loss or damage may be provided by insurance.

It is advisable that you do not carry valuables on the tour. However, if you carry any valuables, we recommend that you use all available facilities to keep them secure during your tour. In this regard, some hotels provide Safe Deposit Lockers (which may be charged separately). In case of airlines, we recommend that you declare your valuables to the airline at the time of check-in and pay an additional charge, as may be stipulated by the airline, to make the airlines responsible for valuables. Without such declaration, airlines can invoke limitation of liability protections provided in international conventions and laws.

If your baggage is lost or misplaced at any time during the course of your tour, it is your liability / responsibility to take all appropriate actions to file complaints with the concerned authorities, including police, airline office etc.


Tipping is customary (unless otherwise stated in the Brochure; price grid) in all parts of the world for services rendered (e.g. porters, coach drivers, guides etc). Unless otherwise communicated, the tip amount is 2 Euro per person per day in Europe for the coach driver, 2 Euro per person per city per guide in Europe and 2 Euro per suitcase per day for a porter in Europe. Everywhere else it is 2 to 4 USD instead of 2 Euros. Please check the Price Grid to ascertain whether such tips are included within the tour costs or are required to be paid by you separately. Your Sales advisor will guide you in this regard.


This is a measure to ensure your safety and time discipline. Clients will have to strictly adhere to the prescribed timetable for the day. Please adhere to time discipline so that scheduled sightseeing is not missed due to your actions. In case any sightseeing or services are missed due to your default the same will be non-refundable. Tour participants are requested to strictly follow the time schedule given at all times including the departure time from the hotel, sightseeing places, etc.


Please refer to the itinerary in the brochure / Website for details of the meals which would be served to you on the tour. If availed of meal option on a tour, there are pre-set menus provided at standard Indian restaurants. Unlike an airline, we CANNOT process a special meal, nor can we guarantee a special diet, nor can we guarantee the seating arrangement in a particular section of the restaurant. The same is at the sole discretion of the SERVICE PROVIDER. We do not assure special meals or special timings or extra halts for infants, children, or passengers with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure or any other condition. We cannot guarantee quantity of the food as may be provided by the service provider. Please note that meals do not include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

We, however, reserve the right to change the meal arrangement, where circumstances compel us to do so. At some places a meal allowance may be paid to you at our discretion to enable you to have a meal of your own choice.


We recommend that you take your Foreign Exchange partly in cash and partly in travellers cheque. You can also opt to take a foreign currency debit card which is another safe mode of carrying exchange. Travellers Cheque can be encashed overseas for foreign exchange, for a nominal fee.

It is recommended that the client should avail the foreign exchange component of the tour cost from the Company under their LRS entitlement.


The Company selects hotels for your stay at locations, which give comfort and value for money. For various reasons, such as reducing the overall travelling time on the coach for the following day, the hotels may be chosen away from the city centre. Unlike other countries, most hotels in Europe do not have air conditioners or fans. Modern facilities such as attached toilets with showers / bathtubs are provided. We cannot guarantee the availability of adjoining rooms / interconnecting rooms / non-smoking room / rooms on the same floor etc. Hotels in Europe may / may not have room service facilities. Tea & Coffee making facility may or may not be available in the room.

If you seek a change in rooming while on a tour, the same will be subject to availability and you will need to pay any additional charges as may be applicable.

Please note that hotels in Europe, Far East, Korea and Japan can have exceptionally small rooms unlike what you may have experienced in other countries.

Keeping in mind the individual family traveler, we take great care to select hotels which are chosen both for their location, comfort and great value. Generally hotels charge a higher rate during major events / conventions and trade fairs and where space availability is difficult, there is a possibility of your hotel being located further away.

The hotels in the city have mostly twin bedded rooms whereas Holiday Resort accommodation tends to have holiday homes, villas with double bedroom configuration. In certain cities single rooms are much smaller than the twin room.

The table below gives you the standard check-in / check-out timings in respective countries alongwith the maximum number of occupants in a room. However certain theme based hotels may have different timings and certain rooms may have specific occupancy numbers.

Destinations Check In Time Check Out Time Maximum Occupants in a room
Europe 1400 hrs 1200 hrs 3 Persons
America 1500 hrs 1200 hrs 4 Persons
Asia 1400 hrs 1200 hrs 4 Persons
Arabia 1400 hrs 1200 hrs 4 Persons
Australasia 1400 hrs 1100 hrs 4 Persons
Africa 1400 hrs 1100 hrs 4 Persons
Islands of Indian Ocean 1400 hrs 1200 hrs 4 Persons

Please note:

  • Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability if requested but cannot be guaranteed unless pre-paid and confirmed in advance.
  • Connecting OR adjoining rooms requested cannot be guaranteed.
  • Triple Rooms are usually no larger than twin rooms in size; a third bed is often a rollaway bed in a twin room.
  • Generally hotels require your Credit / Debit Card / Cash Guarantee for incidental charges, which are adjusted at the time of check-out.
  • Certain cities in Europe have introduced a City Tax of EUR 2 to 3 per person per night which is payable by the consumer at the time of check-out.
  • Few hotels do offer free WIFI facility whereas certain hotels charge a nominal fee. We recommend you study the hotel policy at the time of check-in.
  • Any damage caused to the hotel property by you will have to be paid by you directly to the hotel and we would not be responsible and / or liable for the same.

Transfers are provided depending on the tour booked and this will be clearly mentioned in your Itinerary.


  • This service is based on air conditioned (SIC) Seat in Coach / Van / Hotel Shuttle. The size of the coach may vary depending upon the number of tourists travelling.
  • SIC transfer is economical, offers great value for money and ideal for budget travellers. Based on a shared vehicle transfer, you share your coach / van seat with other tourists.
  • SIC Transfers / tour operates at a pre-decided time and designated point.
  • The SIC tour may operate from hotel or from a city centre location; cost of transportation to the city centre location is not included. In some destinations the pickup and drop off service from the hotel may cause a time delay and service is slower than private services.
  • SIC Sightseeing tours are conducted by English speaking guides.


This service offers you to have your own privacy and convenience to travel at a pre-decided time. Depending upon your budget, we may offer an air-conditioned vehicle. The class of the vehicle offered may vary depending on your needs and budget.

  • In certain destinations, the driver acts like guide whereas in other destinations, we have a separate licensed English speaking guide for sightseeing services.
  • It cannot be assumed that the vehicle is at disposal throughout the day and may only cover transfers.


For all transfers and tours please wait at the Bell Captain or Concierge Counter at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. DO NOT WAIT IN YOUR ROOM OR IN HOTEL'S COFFEE SHOPS. Please be punctual as most of the hotels do not allow waiting in the driveway area for security reasons.


It is expressed and given to understand that a child below 12 years of age who is booked on the tour paying the special rate without a bed will not be provided with a bed in the hotel while on the tour under any circumstances unless a supplement cost is paid and subject to availability. In case the Client decides to make any change in the rooming while on the tour then they shall be bound to pay additional amount charged to them by the concerned Hotel directly to the Hotel.


It shall be solely your responsibility / liability to hold valid and genuine travel documents and statutory clearance such as passports, visa, confirmed air-tickets, insurance and medical insurance certificates and other statutory certificates including immigration clearance etc. If you cancel the tour due to non-availability of the passport etc, you will be liable / responsible to pay cancellation charges along with GST of 18%. Your passport should be valid for six months from the date of return of the tour and you must have current visa and travel insurance to cover your entire stay. Any overstay OR wrong information supplied by you may lead to deportation from the foreign country you are visiting for which we are not liable.

Below are some of the specific restrictions for travel to Countries:

Destinations Specific Restrictions
Europe It is imperative that the Schengen Visa is obtained from the point of entry into Europe or from the place which has the longest duration of stay.
America and Africa To travel to South America and Africa, you must have a Yellow Fever Vaccination with a valid certificate.

To travel to Thailand, you need to have a minimum of THB 40,000 per family OR THB 20,000 if you are travelling solo.

To travel out of Indonesia, you need to pay IDR 2,50,000/- per person as departure tax.

Arabia To travel to Dubai, it is compulsory to have a valid travel Insurance.
Australasia To travel to Australia and New Zealand, you need to be aware of the Quarantine Laws. Visitors are required to fill in the information truthfully before arrival and declare what food and any products made of wood and other natural materials they have processed. If the visitor fails to do so, he / she will get a quarantine fine, and if not, the visitor may face criminal convictions.

It is your responsibility / liability to furnish all documents required by the Company for application of visa etc. We are mere facilitators for providing visa guidance services. In the event the application for the visa made by you or the Company on your behalf is rejected or delayed by the concerned Embassy or Authorities due to inadequate documents furnished by the applicant or due to any other reason whatsoever, the Company shall not be liable or responsible for the same. Such charges may or may not include the actual visa charge and costs incurred but will include our service charge. However, it excludes any supplementary charges like courier fees, urgent fees charged by the Consulate. All costs, charges in respect of the said application for the visa shall be borne by you and the non-refundable advance paid by you shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same. UK and USA visa will have to be obtained by you directly; however the Company can only facilitate and assist in submitting the visa application based on documents provided by you. Certain Consulates / Embassies may call for personal interviews and / or biometrics.

As granting or rejecting visa and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned sovereign governments and the Company is merely a facilitator. The Company shall neither be responsible in case of non-granting of such documents nor liable for any delay, denial or other related act / omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from. The position in respect of cancellation of the tour by you due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of the Client having applied for such documents through the Company. Even if the visa is rejected, the stipulated fees of the Company shall be payable by you. There will be no refund, if you, or any member of your party, is unable to travel due to the said reasons. In fact, many a time, due to such cancellations, the Company suffers losses because, sometimes, the cancellation is made at a time of tour rush and the third party suppliers such as hotels, airlines and cruises levy 100% cancellation charges. In such cases, cancellation charges as applicable by the Company will apply along with GST of 18% and the decision of the Company will be final and binding upon you. Under the circumstances, you agree not to proceed legally against us unless there is a manifest error from our end.

The Company would not be responsible / liable in any manner whatsoever for any clerical error made by the concerned Embassy / Consulate regarding name, attachment of wrong photograph, duration and type of visa (single / multiple entry) or passport number.

We always use services of reputed courier companies for the purpose of transmission of passports to the Embassies / Consulates and to our Client in various cities. We would not be responsible / liable for any loss or damage whether direct, incidental or consequential caused due to transmission delays or loss of passport whether in transit or otherwise. The documents forwarded by you for visa purpose are sent by us to the concerned Embassy / Consulate through third parties and hence we would not be liable / responsible for loss of your documents. We would however, make best attempts to trace your documents or assist you in obtaining new passport / alternative / certified copies of the lost documents.

In the event that you are unable to travel on the tour date originally booked by you, due to rejection of visa by the concerned Embassy, you shall have the option to postpone your tour to any other future date or choose any other tour destination subject to cancellation charges of the previous tour along with GST of 18%. However, if you book and pay within the cancellation period and are unable to travel due to any reason whatsoever including non-availability of visa or any travel documents, the Cancellation Policy shall apply.


Please note that your health is entirely your risk and responsibility. Our tours are suitable for persons of reasonable fitness. They may not suit persons who are medically infirm or who have special needs or requirements whether due to age, medical conditions or otherwise.

It shall be your duty to inform us in writing in case you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to fully enjoy our tour arrangements or where the interests of other tour participants may be adversely affected by such condition. Under such conditions we may decline to accept you or continue you on that tour.

We reserve the right (without obligation) to ask you to undergo medical tests and to provide written certification of your medical fitness before departure or at any time during the tour and if you fail to undergo such tests or fail to provide such certificates, we may decline to accept you or to continue you on the tour.

However, it is not our obligation to check your medical condition and if you suffer any injury or aggravation on the tour or if you are unable to enjoy / complete the whole or any part of the tour due to your medical conditions, we shall not be responsible / liable to compensate you nor to refund any amount to you nor to pay your medical expenses.

If any adventure sports are included in the tour package, you shall avail of the same at your own risk having regard to your medical condition. We shall not be liable for any death, injury or other loss due to your participation in such adventure sports and any release form that you may be required to sign for such person / service provider / club / association / organization / hobbyist / institution will be binding.

In this regard, please note that service providers such as airlines may decline to accept you on medical grounds. Please carefully read and understand the rules and regulations of the service providers, because we shall not be responsible / liable for the consequences that you may suffer.

To some extent, your losses on account of trip cancellation attributable to hospitalization as also your expenses of hospitalization due to accident may be covered by insurance.