Meet Tuhin Satarkar : One of India’s Finest Rock Climbers

“I climb, and therefore I am” is a line you would see at the Rock Aliens Sports Climbing Gym in Pune where Tuhin Satarkar often trains for his climbs and competitions and that is just how he lives his life.

For those in the adventure fraternity, this young-adult is no stranger and hardly needs an introduction. At 21, Tuhin Satarkar is an established name in the field of climbing with several laurels to his worth already.

In the two-decades of his life, Tuhin has opened new routes, conquered the dangerous and tricky ones and won several national and international competitions including the Girivihar International Climbing Competition.

In 2014, Tuhin became the first Indian to scale Ganesh (8b+) in Badami, Karnataka the toughest climbing sport route in India.

As reported in the Outdoor Journal Ganesh was bolted by Alex Chabot in 2010, but climbed first by Frenchman Gerome Pouvreau. Etienne Seppecher in 2012 made the second ascent of this overhanging, bulging water-stained orange face.

Tuhin Satarkar
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The joy of finishing an unfinished task of the parent is something that few can enjoy, and Tuhin is certainly one of them. In 2006, Tuhin’s father and veteran climber Vikas Satarkar was attempting to bolt a very difficult route in Plus Valley, Tamhini Ghat in the Sahyadris. However, all efforts put in the Dnyaneshwari rock face wasn’t completed and subsequently abandoned as reported in a Redbull article.

Here is what Tuhin has to say about it:

“It was overwhelming for me. The climb the rock-face all left a deep impact on me. It was then that I had decided that if this face is never climbed again, I will do it.”

And so he did. Tuhin Satarkar successfully scaled the Tamhini Ghat at the age of 18, thus completing the legacy of his father.

A few years ago, Tuhin along with his father and a few other climber friends were climbing the Dhakoba rock-face in Maharastra that Tuhin describes as a learning-experience that would sound scary to a layman.

“ Dhakoba was my first climb on the big wall. While climbing we were attacked by bees and there was rock-fall. That experience of loose rock falling at 3 am when I was sleeping up there on the wall was very scary. When I look back, climbing is that one thing that gives you a lot of experiences and it’s a learning experience for everyone.”

Tuhin Satarkar Climbing
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From the way Tuhin carries himself around, he would come across as a rather carefree 20-something fellow who doesn’t care much of the world or any of the worldly pleasures. But the boy knows just where to pull the plug on that carefree attitude of his so he can put all his effort on the wall. And then the show he puts up is simply something that would make you wonder “How exactly did he pull that off?!”

Without a doubt, Tuhin has put in immense efforts into his passion. But somewhere, considerable credit must be given to his climber-parents Vikas and Manjiri Satarkar, who introduced him to the sport at the young age of 5 and since then there has been no looking back.

Tuhin Satarkar
Tuhin Satakar at Badami

While it is evident that Tuhin’s life revolves around climbing, when he isn’t doing that, he is busy rescuing animals from his affiliation with an animal rescue centre by the name of ‘Rescue’.

These are just too many legit reasons for Tuhin to become an Adventure Star at this young age! We shall let his video tell you all that could not be fit in here! Yes, there is more!


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