Top kayaking documentaries that will leave you jaw-dropped!

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Despite several efforts from several people in the past few years, kayaking is still a fairly unexplored sport. Perhaps that is what led India’s top kayaker, Kaustubh Khade to enter into the Limca Book of World Records by kayaking 413 kms from Mumbai to Goa in just 17 days.

Someone had to make a start!

We are trying to do our bit in the game and create awareness about kayaking. So we decided to to start off by showcasing the top 5 best kayaking documentaries ever made.


Alone on the River

Alone On The River kayaking docu

Alone On The River is a perfect blend of the beauty of the Himalayan mountains and the amazing river rapids that they have to offer. This is a story of 5 world-class paddlers on a month long self-supported kayaking adventures and their journey downwards.



Who Owns Water

Who Owns Water kayaking docu

We continue to have little regard for the importance of water and why we need to preserve it. Who Owns Water is a story of the Hanson brothers who kayaked their way for along the length of Chattahoochee River. During the journey from the source of the River till the Gulf of Mexico, where they grew up, the brothers meet several people who tell them the story of the endangered and essential natural resource.



And Then We Swam

And Then We Swam kayaking docu

Whoever thought that adventure was only for the tough never saw this documentary.  In 2011, James Adair and Ben Stenning became the first ever pair to row across the Indian Ocean without a support boat. Did they have experience? Absolutely not! Neither of the duo had ever rowed before but they were determined to prove the doubters wrong. When their equipments failed, they learnt to depend on the natural signs. But only a few miles from the finish line at Mauritius, their boat capsized. And the rest is the adventure you have to watch in the movie.



Solo: Solitary Endeavour on the Southern Ocean

Solo kayaking docu

The violent sea waves in the southern hemisphere (between latitudes 40 and 50 degrees) are called Roaring Forties for a reason. Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley decided to go on a solo journey from Tasmania to New Zealand that unfortunately ended in a tragedy. Although his body was never recovered, his kayak and the video tapes that documented his journey were found and thus was born the documentary: Solo.

Paddle to Seattle

paddle to Seattle kayaking docu

The thickest friendships have moments when they go through the ultimate test of time. Paddle to Seattle is a story of adventurers Josh Thomas and J J Kelley as they navigate 1,300 miles from Alaska to Seattle and it is nothing short of epic. Bracing temperate rain-forests, brown bears, marine life (deadly and dead) the duo has lived to tell the tale.

Paddle to Seattle Trailer from Benjamin Gottfried on Vimeo.

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