This World Heart Day trek your way to a healthy heart

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Whoever said exercising needs to be a boring and mundane? That only running on a treadmill is how you can stay healthy? Luckily enough for us, our geographical features are such that allow us the luxury to create a natural gym out in the open. Why then not use it? This World Heart Day, experience trekking your way to a healthy heart.

Nothing can beat soaking yourself in the glory of nature, especially when it is responsible for the essential nutrients of your body. Early morning sun is known to be the best source of Vitamin D, that in turn reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer, according to a study by the University of California.

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How to get a healthy heart (via Everyday Health)

Hikes of moderate intensity are only a mildly higher version of a leisure walk and a lower version of a rigorous trek. Studies have shown that walking gives the same result as running. In fact a report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology also published that people who run most days of the week at a pace faster than 7 miles per hour have the same risk of death as sedentary individuals. Thus trekking helps in lowering the risk of high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes; all three that are conditions for heart disease and a stroke.

Trekking is a great way to sweat it out since it brings the heart rate to aerobic levels. During the upward climb the heart rate gets closer to targets that are achieved by aerobics and the descend helps in bringing the heart rate to normal levels.

Hiking trails are usually away from habitation and hence are the best source of unadulterated non-polluted air. The disruption of everyday life is proven to bring down emotional stress level and depression. This thus becomes a perfect means to distress yourself and boost your mood.

Show your heart some love, it deserves it!

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