“A hidden isolated world”, is the first thing most travellers have to say about Spiti. What else could one say about a world that was forbidden to visitors for about 30 years. A visit to Spiti Valley is like Time Travel. You get in a time machine and travel to a world and time unknown.

Travel and adventure is what everyone yearns to go on. And if it’s a road trip on a bike, then it’s a life changing experience. Who would not want to soar through the wind while riding the bike in beautiful vistas which we just dream of. For all the dreams that we see, one cannot be everywhere at the same time. But to give you major travel and adventure goals we have curated some of the best motor cycling documentaries that show the best biking trails like nobody else.

In this world, where currently hate and fear are tearing people apart, we find sweet souls who through their actions bring a smile on our faces. Talking about sweet souls, Here we introduce you to a couple who is bringing a smile and immense amount of positivity in this world by doing what they do the best.

Meet Shanjali Shahi and Kaustubh Khade.

It’s true when they say, this world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. And, it’s also true that travelling across the vibrant Indian State of Rajasthan, alone, feels like reading a classic novel. You may not know the plot, you may not expect how the plot unravels into a swirl of colour and culture, but one thing is for sure. You just won’t stop reading. This brings us to our Destination of the month, Pushkar, a sparkling jewel in the crown of Rajasthan.

Ziro is a quaint mountain town nestled in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh.

It may be seen as a town that practices its own set of rules,

A far-flung valley that is demarcated by its unique culture from the rest of the world,

A place that has a tribal heritage or

A place that practices a unique system of cultivation.

Know it for any of it’s famed characteristics, but you certainly don’t want to miss visiting this unconventional town.

Text By Shraddha Mehta

Being in outdoors is always rewarding. Getting that feel of Independence and wanderlust attracts all. When we are outdoors it involves a lot of things from, gear to commute to hygiene, especially for women. A day’s hike is somewhat manageable when it comes to dealing with different body fluids. Yet how you manage is still tricky. Females have to think more about the basic natural needs than their male counterparts.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Jim Morrison

The above quote is the reason why friends are a blessing. A shoulder to cry on, always the first person to be happy in your achievements, that one person you can always look upon for help, who understands you better even without you saying it, are some meanings of a friend. A friend is a life line and a friend is what makes us complete as a person.

With the arrival of monsoons it feels as if everything which is lifeless from the summer heat comes alive, life blooms in all shapes and colours which makes everything look beautiful. Taking a sip of hot coffee and enjoying the rains is what an ideal afternoon would look like.


“Dad, will you and Mom come for my Annual Day tomorrow?”

“Dad, can you please get me new video game?”

“Dad, can you pick me up from school?”

“Dad, I have college projects to do, can I get a laptop?”

“Dad can you buy me a new phone?”

The famous Cherrapunji is the wettest place on earth but it has many more interesting things in store just like the Nohkalikai Falls. The Nohkalikai plunge Water Fall is a famous attraction and has always mystified its visitors. The Falls are a sight which can stupefy anybody and has an interesting but  tragic tale behind it.