Trekking is something which people love to do these days. People have now started exploring outdoors through trekking. But when it comes to start or take the first steps for a trek, many questions arise. What if the trek is too tiring? What if I slip or fall on the trail? I have never exercised in my life how will I walk so much on a trek?These are the questions which come in your mind if you have never been on a trek. But there are easy treks for beginners near Mumbai which you can definitely go on.

Try to Leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.

                                                                                                                                          -Sidney Sheldon


Sidney Sheldon gives us all the feels of being a responsible dweller on this Earth in this Quote which we can rightly call one of best quotes for the World Environment Day. The Earth is our home. Just like we keep our homes clean and away from all filth and take care of it, why not do the same thing for the planet that we live on? World Environment Day is all about spreading awareness about how we can save our planet. It’s about how we can contribute our bit on saving the Earth.