People doing crazy stunts, attempting never thought about feats, pushing their limits, going high on adventure, this is what Banff films are made of. A personal account of people trying to do the impossible, these films are just what you need to watch to get motivated to do something crazy in life. A world renowned Mountain Film Festival, Banff is looked upon as the epitome of all mountain films festivals. Here’s all you need to know about Banff Mountain Film festival and the films of 2016/2017 out for the World Tour.

Only a few dare to venture out of the cocoon of the ordinary and explore the realm of the extraordinary. Moreover, only a few fan the flames of possible human potential. 18 year old Shubham Kajale from Pune has done just that. Shubham has not only bagged the Iron Man title in Australia, but has also earned another badge of honour of being the youngest Indian to have completed the race.

Running long distances is an amazing feeling that subjects you to extremes, putting you in your element. So to say, it gives you an amazing feeling. But here’s a run with a twist. Imagine, a high-altitude run amidst the picturesque snowy mountains of the Himalayas! India has always been famous for its heritage places. So on this World Heritage Day we bring you one of the places considered as a heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India. We bring you the majestic Spiti.