A hub for spirituality, yoga, pilgrimage and peace of mind, Rishikesh is the epitome for people seeking their inner self and meeting the high energy they believe in. Rishikesh has so many jewels to its crown that it makes for one of the most sought after destination for every kind of traveler. An ancient healing place with hills and rivers, it’s the abode of God for a spiritual traveller. But it’s not only the spirituality of this holy place which attracts travellers, Rishikesh is now the adventure hub of India. It has got everything from White-Water Rafting to Bungee Jumping and more. So if you are a backpacker and adventurer then this Ultimate Rishikesh Guide is your bible.

Always had a dream to smash through the waters and come out winning? Consider it as true. White water rafting is the best way in which you can make this dream come true. Luckily for us our country has many rivers at her disposal so it’s possible to do white water rafting in India. All these rivers are a one or two day rafting trips. Many rivers in India are also famous for going on adventurous rafting expeditions.  Here we bring you a list of destinations where you can do White Water Rafting in India. So chase the untamed rivers and have an adventurous experience of a lifetime.