You will be shocked to know the effects that a lack of sleep causes on your body, especially when you are outdoors. It will deteriorate your health, lessen your stamina and blow up your mental and physical strength. Also, the amount of physical activity you will do on the next day will come shooting down as it all depends on the quality of sleep you have had the previous night. Why go through the pain of sleepless nights? Just turn sleepless nights into restful nights with a few sleeping tips up your sleeve.

Would you like to just sit at home and have a hot cup of coffee when it’s raining outside? Or you are from the lot who would rather venture outdoors and have fun? If you are from the latter lot, these destinations are your cup of Coffee. Trekking is best experienced in Monsoon and why travel far away when you have some amazing monsoon trekking destinations to go near your hometown itself. Here we bring you a list of trekking destinations near Mumbai which are worth visiting. So hop into your trekking shoes and have the best one day trips you can ever imagine.

Do you long to venture into terrains less explored and camp in the depths of wilderness for a couple of days? Ever wish to sing around a bonfire with your friends and dream about spending the nights gazing at the open starry sky? All this can last to become nothing more than a romantic notion if you are not equipped with the right kind of gear and essentials when outdoors.

Camping out in wilderness is a mode of self-actualization, sure. But it’s undeniable that difficulty and discomfort are two elements that personify any form of camping trip you embark on, be it adventure camping, social camping or so to say “glamping”, a trending phenomenon that combines camping with the glamour of luxury.

To ace all your troubles and to show you what you have been missing out on, we have rendered a perfect list of some amazing camping tools that would change your camping experience if you had them.

Text By Shraddha Mehta

Being in outdoors is always rewarding. Getting that feel of Independence and wanderlust attracts all. When we are outdoors it involves a lot of things from, gear to commute to hygiene, especially for women. A day’s hike is somewhat manageable when it comes to dealing with different body fluids. Yet how you manage is still tricky. Females have to think more about the basic natural needs than their male counterparts.