People doing crazy stunts, attempting never thought about feats, pushing their limits, going high on adventure, this is what Banff films are made of. A personal account of people trying to do the impossible, these films are just what you need to watch to get motivated to do something crazy in life. A world renowned Mountain Film Festival, Banff is looked upon as the epitome of all mountain films festivals. Here’s all you need to know about Banff Mountain Film festival and the films of 2016/2017 out for the World Tour.

An amalgamation of blue mountains, green forests and mighty rivers, North-East India is a beauty to behold. The valleys and mountains are enchanting. It’s not just the geography which is serene but the tribal culture and tradition of the North-East of India is what attracts people and makes it a must visit place. Of all the states, one which stands out this month is Nagaland and the reason it stands out is because of the Hornbill Festival.

‘Of all the paths you take in life make sure some of them are dirt’ and Piyush has taken this quite literally. Piyush Chavan is that guy who will make your normal life feel a tad bit dull. He has achieved so much at his age that it is almost difficult to not be in awe of him!