Venturing outdoors is always the first thing on one’s mind when the boredom and monotony of life hits hard. When we are in the wilderness it’s as if we see a newer side of ourselves which we never knew existed. This is best explained by John Muir when he says,

“ Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilised people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is necessity…”

Everest is a mountain which has a different value for different people. For some people it is a mighty mountain who they consider can’t be conquered. For some it is God. For some it is a peak to be conquered and is a prized possession.

How it was summited for the first time is not a story unknown. We all know that the first people to summit Everest were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. As beautiful and as mighty as it looks the horrors while summiting it are known to all. The risky Kumbhu Icefall is notoriously famous as one of the most dangerous sections. Yet there are bravehearts who take up the challenge, go through an extremely tiring ordeal and yet summit the peak.

Ladakh! The name itself makes us imagine the mystical mountains, the magical landscapes, the enigmatic monasteries and the chants of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ . The land of Lamas, Ladakh is always a place whose beauty is awed by the whole world. This land of high passes is the dream destination of every traveller.

The culture and tradition of Ladakh, which is still intact and is not touched by modernism, takes us to our roots. The festivals of Ladakh are glorious and royal and this is how the traditions are still carried on and will continue to do so. The proof of this is the upcoming Naropa Festival at the Hemis Monastery.

The process of zeroing in on a single trekking place for our next adventure reminds us that, where there are places that are exceedingly frequented, there are places yet to be traversed. Where there are places immensely famed, there are stunning places yet to be known.

What a pleasure would it be to travel our country beyond its beaten tracks and trails to new horizons and different directions. So in this filtered digital era, lay your hold on this opportunity of witnessing beauty at its unfiltered best by travelling the offbeat heights and corners of the country and its wilderness.

We present to you our comprehensive list of 26 awe-inspiring offbeat treks in India and provide key insights to each one of them that will entice a lot of you to set off on your next adventure trek. May you see the unseen and frequent the unfrequented.

We are going to keep updating our list of offbeat treks in India because of the extensive range of stunning treks India is endowed with. So let us know if you want to see any specific trek to be a part of our updated list in the future.

Running long distances is an amazing feeling that subjects you to extremes, putting you in your element. So to say, it gives you an amazing feeling. But here’s a run with a twist. Imagine, a high-altitude run amidst the picturesque snowy mountains of the Himalayas! India has always been famous for its heritage places. So on this World Heritage Day we bring you one of the places considered as a heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India. We bring you the majestic Spiti.