“A hidden isolated world”, is the first thing most travellers have to say about Spiti. What else could one say about a world that was forbidden to visitors for about 30 years. A visit to Spiti Valley is like Time Travel. You get in a time machine and travel to a world and time unknown.

Indulgence in the spirituality of Buddhism and a perfect blend of natural  landscape, introduces us to Ladakh .The arid mountains draped with the white snow caps  that covers the mountains all over, is scenically most soothing view captured through our naked eyes . The festivals of Ladakh pulls visitors flooding and buzzing across the place and with their ethnic religious aura glorify the cold desert.

The prayer flags  fluttering across, with  white washed stupas adds on to the beauty of the landscape . The Cham dance as a dance form, is a part of all the religious festivals in Ladakh.  The dance always has a similar theme of good winning over evil and bringing about happiness. It is in this way the culture is still alive and is passed on from generation to generation.