You need extraordinary mental strength and courage if you think of doing something which no one has attempted ever. This is what defines Poorna Malavath when she started her journey in Mountaineering. The film Poorna: Courage Has No Limit is a biopic made on Poorna Malavath, the youngest girl to climb the tallest mountain of the world: Everest. Poorna is now 16 years old but back then she was just 13 years and 11 months old when she scaled this mighty peak.

People doing crazy stunts, attempting never thought about feats, pushing their limits, going high on adventure, this is what Banff films are made of. A personal account of people trying to do the impossible, these films are just what you need to watch to get motivated to do something crazy in life. A world renowned Mountain Film Festival, Banff is looked upon as the epitome of all mountain films festivals. Here’s all you need to know about Banff Mountain Film festival and the films of 2016/2017 out for the World Tour.

We all complain,
The bridge is too long to walk on, or
The buses are too crowded to travel, or
The elevator is not working and now will have to take the stairs home, or
The car is moving too slow , et cetera.

We all complain about many things because it is very normal for us to do so. Our body is healthy for all the needed tasks to be done easily. But ever thought if some one who is physically challenged, how would they go through their daily tasks. Infact they should complain more about the above as they have a reason to do so. But do we see any such people complaining? Probably No!


“Dad, will you and Mom come for my Annual Day tomorrow?”

“Dad, can you please get me new video game?”

“Dad, can you pick me up from school?”

“Dad, I have college projects to do, can I get a laptop?”

“Dad can you buy me a new phone?”

Rock Climbing and Bouldering as a sport is yet to get recognition in India. But there are Indians who are winning accolades worldwide and we don’t even know who they are, let alone if any woman is winning it too.

Here we bring you Siddhi Manerikar who has won more than 12 accolades in Asian Championships. This is her fantastic story.

“I climb, and therefore I am” is a line you would see at the Rock Aliens Sports Climbing Gym in Pune where Tuhin Satarkar often trains for his climbs and competitions and that is just how he lives his life.

For those in the adventure fraternity, this young-adult is no stranger and hardly needs an introduction. At 21, Tuhin Satarkar is an established name in the field of climbing with several laurels to his worth already.