Kaustubh Khade: Making India Proud in a Sport Less Known, Kayaking

‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man’- Heraclitus

Meet Kaustubh Khade; after testing the waters in sports like sailing, archery, football, rugby, swimming, and track, he finally found his spot: Kayaking.

The Kayaker: Kaustubh Khade

Kaustubh Khade
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From all that he has already done, unarguably Kaustubh Khade is a natural athlete. But nothing pierced him like the love for kayaking and he knew that was his calling. His passion for the sport has brought him several laurels. He has represented India in 2012 Asian Dragon Boat Championship, Pattaya, Thailand and in 2013 at Asian Sea Kayaking Championship, Krabi, Thailand. Besides, he has also won several medals for the country at these championships.

But passion without hard work would be only as good as the best raw materials for an unknown recipe and Kaustubh is well aware of the same. And his passion demanded him to forego of a few things. Here is an example of it:


While training (for 2012 Asian Games Championship) was going on, there was an important meeting I couldn’t miss, when my national coach decided to say “endurance training”. This meant I was going to be on the water for even longer. I texted somebody at work and said “Listen, I am a part of the Indian team for Asian Championship and I am going to be late because of the training. They texted back, “How is this going to help the company?” So a month later I quit the company.


Kaustubh Khade's Medals

An added feather of being a TedX speaker, Kaustubh Khade has been trained by Oscar Chalupsky; a 12 time World Champion for Surfski Kayaking. Khade is also an International Canoe Federation Certified Coach for Dragon Boat.

The next big thing: addition to the laurels

Long distance kayaking is no joke and Kaustubh aims to achieve a feat that would only seem impossible for somebody not passionate about it.

Kaustubh aims at covering the extensive Indian Coastline in a 7,500 km expedition that will test his physical and mental endurance.

Kaustubh entered the Limca book of World Records in 2015 for solo kayaking from Mumbai to Goa in just 17 days, covering a whooping 413 kms and he aims for a day when Kayaking will be a recognised sport in the country.

About Kayaking

Kayaking is that sport that involves moving in water in a small, narrow boat (known as kayak) that is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. The Kayak usually only accommodates a single paddler, but tandem kayaks hold two people and some are even constructed in a matter to hold three people.

The history of Kayaking can be traced back to thousands of years ago when Eskimos of the Arctic used to build kayaks using driftwood or whale bones to use it for hunting and fishing.

Inuit Kayak
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By the mid-1800s, the kayak design was embraced by residents of Europe and instead of using these boats to hunt; they decided to create the sport of kayaking. And since it’s evolved to what it is today.

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