A Swimmer, Scuba Diver, Gynaecologist, Pilot, Runner, Cyclist, Lawn Tennis Player and much more.

This is Dr. Bhagwati Oza. A woman who seems to have done every single thing on earth for her age. 81 years and counting Dr. Bhagwati Oza who is famously known as Dr. Sport has many medals in her kitty. Extensively covered and talked about by almost all the major dailies and publications, Dr. Bhagwati Oza is sheer inspiration for anyone who reads her story.

We are grateful for the positive response our workshop based on ‘Responsible Outdoor Ethics’ received on all 3 days that it was held on. It was very important for us to take this initiative for multiple reasons.

Hiking, Trekking or any outdoor activity gives us a sense of tranquility. But there are a lot of things which you have to keep in mind when you venture out. You need to figure out stuff like how to make fire, how to cook food, how to light up your tent etc. There are many gadgets and tools available, yet there is a chance that you might not get your hands on it. That is where these Outdoor Survival Hacks and tips will help you out. You can be prepared with a few of these Outdoor Survival Hacks before leaving, the rest of them can come handy if you are stuck in a situation outdoors.

Here goes the list. You can thank us later 😉

Is walking on a frozen river on your bucket list yet? When we first heard about the Chadar Trek years and years ago we were amazed by the symphony of this frozen world – frozen river, frozen waterfalls, frozen caves! We wanted to know more about the ‘frozen’ Chadar.

AdventureN’s annual calendar contest , #CaptureAdventure was met with an amazing and enormous response. With adventure activities involved as categories, it was astounding to see that people of India are quite adventurous and also like clicking their adventure. We received an ocean of entries of which some deserve a special mention even though they could not be the winning entries.  The photographs were so enchanting that we had to give them the appreciation they deserve.

So here’s bringing you the entries of the #CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest which deserve a special mention.

An amazing Photo Contest was organised by AdventureN for all enthusiasts who love clicking pictures of about anything and everything. The #CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest had categories of Travel, Wildlife, Mobile Clicks and specific adventure activities. We got some fantastic entries for the contest. Some pictures left us spell bound and our whole team just wanted to pack up and set out for that adventure activity.

Here’s announcing all the cool winners of the #CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest.

An amalgamation of blue mountains, green forests and mighty rivers, North-East India is a beauty to behold. The valleys and mountains are enchanting. It’s not just the geography which is serene but the tribal culture and tradition of the North-East of India is what attracts people and makes it a must visit place. Of all the states, one which stands out this month is Nagaland and the reason it stands out is because of the Hornbill Festival.

The initial weeks of November have seen some major adventure festivals being held in India. Two of these were held in the North East of India, so it’s a breath of fresh air, that apart from the popular adventure destinations, North East is getting a taste of it too. North-East is not very famous when it comes to adventure tourism. These festivals are helping in the promotion of adventure tourism there.  The surfing festival of India called The India Surf Festival was held in Odisha which is another good addition as Odisha is coming up as a adventure hub when it comes to Surfing. Here are the highlights of the festivals so far.

We all complain,
The bridge is too long to walk on, or
The buses are too crowded to travel, or
The elevator is not working and now will have to take the stairs home, or
The car is moving too slow , et cetera.

We all complain about many things because it is very normal for us to do so. Our body is healthy for all the needed tasks to be done easily. But ever thought if some one who is physically challenged, how would they go through their daily tasks. Infact they should complain more about the above as they have a reason to do so. But do we see any such people complaining? Probably No!

The North-East of India still has many mystic and amazing places which are yet unexplored. It’s as if calling out travellers to live their ultimate dream of finding something new. With so many places to travel, Yuksom in Sikkim is one place you should definitely visit.