“A hidden isolated world”, is the first thing most travellers have to say about Spiti. What else could one say about a world that was forbidden to visitors for about 30 years. A visit to Spiti Valley is like Time Travel. You get in a time machine and travel to a world and time unknown.

A hub for spirituality, yoga, pilgrimage and peace of mind, Rishikesh is the epitome for people seeking their inner self and meeting the high energy they believe in. Rishikesh has so many jewels to its crown that it makes for one of the most sought after destination for every kind of traveler. An ancient healing place with hills and rivers, it’s the abode of God for a spiritual traveller. But it’s not only the spirituality of this holy place which attracts travellers, Rishikesh is now the adventure hub of India. It has got everything from White-Water Rafting to Bungee Jumping and more. So if you are a backpacker and adventurer then this Ultimate Rishikesh Guide is your bible.

Vibrant colorful clothes, soulful songs and ballads, serene white desert and homely hospitality, this is what defines one of the most beautiful place in India’s western region: Rann of Kutch!

An amalgamation of blue mountains, green forests and mighty rivers, North-East India is a beauty to behold. The valleys and mountains are enchanting. It’s not just the geography which is serene but the tribal culture and tradition of the North-East of India is what attracts people and makes it a must visit place. Of all the states, one which stands out this month is Nagaland and the reason it stands out is because of the Hornbill Festival.

It’s true when they say, this world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. And, it’s also true that travelling across the vibrant Indian State of Rajasthan, alone, feels like reading a classic novel. You may not know the plot, you may not expect how the plot unravels into a swirl of colour and culture, but one thing is for sure. You just won’t stop reading. This brings us to our Destination of the month, Pushkar, a sparkling jewel in the crown of Rajasthan.

The North-East of India still has many mystic and amazing places which are yet unexplored. It’s as if calling out travellers to live their ultimate dream of finding something new. With so many places to travel, Yuksom in Sikkim is one place you should definitely visit.

Adventure and Tourism are like two peas in a pod. Travelling is incomplete without great adventures and great adventures are only accomplished after travelling to greater miles. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, we decided to blend two of the most exhilarating elements of all: Adventure and Tourism. And here we bring to you a comprehensive list of 31 different Adventure Destinations in India, that will quench the insatiable thirst of your inner traveller as well as adventurer who is constantly looking out for breaking into new avenues and possibilities.

Ladakh! The name itself makes us imagine the mystical mountains, the magical landscapes, the enigmatic monasteries and the chants of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ . The land of Lamas, Ladakh is always a place whose beauty is awed by the whole world. This land of high passes is the dream destination of every traveller.

The culture and tradition of Ladakh, which is still intact and is not touched by modernism, takes us to our roots. The festivals of Ladakh are glorious and royal and this is how the traditions are still carried on and will continue to do so. The proof of this is the upcoming Naropa Festival at the Hemis Monastery.

Ziro is a quaint mountain town nestled in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh.

It may be seen as a town that practices its own set of rules,

A far-flung valley that is demarcated by its unique culture from the rest of the world,

A place that has a tribal heritage or

A place that practices a unique system of cultivation.

Know it for any of it’s famed characteristics, but you certainly don’t want to miss visiting this unconventional town.

Would you like to just sit at home and have a hot cup of coffee when it’s raining outside? Or you are from the lot who would rather venture outdoors and have fun? If you are from the latter lot, these destinations are your cup of Coffee. Trekking is best experienced in Monsoon and why travel far away when you have some amazing monsoon trekking destinations to go near your hometown itself. Here we bring you a list of trekking destinations near Mumbai which are worth visiting. So hop into your trekking shoes and have the best one day trips you can ever imagine.