Endurance is the price you pay for victory. Souvig Sarkar is a guy who has paid that price and reaped sweeter gains for it.
On March 7th 2016, Souvig set off on his KTM Duke 390 with a vision to measure the width of the country. After five gruelling days of riding from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar in Gujarat and covering 4,116 Kms, Souvig successfully completed his challenging biking feat. Not just that, he also ended up setting a new East-West Land speed Record for India by finishing his journey in a record breaking time of 107.15 hrs (The previous record being 115 hrs).

We all complain,
The bridge is too long to walk on, or
The buses are too crowded to travel, or
The elevator is not working and now will have to take the stairs home, or
The car is moving too slow , et cetera.

We all complain about many things because it is very normal for us to do so. Our body is healthy for all the needed tasks to be done easily. But ever thought if some one who is physically challenged, how would they go through their daily tasks. Infact they should complain more about the above as they have a reason to do so. But do we see any such people complaining? Probably No!

In the previous two parts we got to know two different sides to the man, Kuntal Joisher, A mountaineer and a Vegan. In this last part of the interview series lets know Kuntal Joisher Vegan Mountaineer more as a person, how his family is supportive of his love for photography, Nepal and the Sherpas.

In the first part of the interview series, we got to know the mountaineer, Kuntal Joisher, who summited Everest as the first Vegan. In part 2 let’s know about Kuntal Joisher, Vegan on how he started the journey towards veganism and how it changed his life.

Everest is a mountain which has a different value for different people. For some people it is a mighty mountain who they consider can’t be conquered. For some it is God. For some it is a peak to be conquered and is a prized possession.

How it was summited for the first time is not a story unknown. We all know that the first people to summit Everest were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. As beautiful and as mighty as it looks the horrors while summiting it are known to all. The risky Kumbhu Icefall is notoriously famous as one of the most dangerous sections. Yet there are bravehearts who take up the challenge, go through an extremely tiring ordeal and yet summit the peak.

Only a few dare to venture out of the cocoon of the ordinary and explore the realm of the extraordinary. Moreover, only a few fan the flames of possible human potential. 18 year old Shubham Kajale from Pune has done just that. Shubham has not only bagged the Iron Man title in Australia, but has also earned another badge of honour of being the youngest Indian to have completed the race.

“A Sailor is an artist, whose medium is the wind”

-Webb Chiles

Here is one artist just like Webb Chiles says. We introduce to you one of India’s Youngest Sailors, Ananya Chouhan. Since falling in love with the waters at age 12, Ananya has not looked back. She has many wins which add to her list of achievements in India and abroad.

Doing fantastically well even in academics, Ananya Chouhan bagged a silver in the  Laser 4.7 Girls, under 18 category at the recently held Hyderabad Sailing Week. In July 2015 in 30th Laser Sailing Championship Hyderabad, she  won a Gold medal in the under 16 Girls category .



“Waves are not measured in feet and inches,

they are measured in increments of fear.”

– Buzzy Trent (Pioneer of big wave surfing)


But, the man you will get to know through this write-up, Samai Reboul aka Samai De Kallialay, makes people question how his levels of fear always seem scaling down rather than up as he manoeuvres his way through humongous waves.