In this world, where currently hate and fear are tearing people apart, we find sweet souls who through their actions bring a smile on our faces. Talking about sweet souls, Here we introduce you to a couple who is bringing a smile and immense amount of positivity in this world by doing what they do the best.

Meet Shanjali Shahi and Kaustubh Khade.

You will be amazed to see what Danny MacAskill can do with a set of two wheels. If you know him, you know the level of skill, accuracy and control we are talking about. If you don’t know him, keep scrolling down to see a crazy exhibition of the most insane moves ever seen on a cycle.

Take one big cup of love for cycling, two cups of innovative design, simmer it in the hot sauce of fanciness. Tadaaa! You have to yourself a recipe that can potentially spice up your ride. Pun intended! In this era of uber technological development, there are multiple gadget inventions catering to different aspects of product design – functionality, looks, feel. However, we have to admit, when it comes to cycling accessories and gadgets, we don’t mind garnishing their functionality with a little dash of ‘fancy shmancy’.