Take one big cup of love for cycling, two cups of innovative design, simmer it in the hot sauce of fanciness. Tadaaa! You have to yourself a recipe that can potentially spice up your ride. Pun intended! In this era of uber technological development, there are multiple gadget inventions catering to different aspects of product design – functionality, looks, feel. However, we have to admit, when it comes to cycling accessories and gadgets, we don’t mind garnishing their functionality with a little dash of ‘fancy shmancy’.

The North-East of India still has many mystic and amazing places which are yet unexplored. It’s as if calling out travellers to live their ultimate dream of finding something new. With so many places to travel, Yuksom in Sikkim is one place you should definitely visit.

In the previous two parts we got to know two different sides to the man, Kuntal Joisher, A mountaineer and a Vegan. In this last part of the interview series lets know Kuntal Joisher Vegan Mountaineer more as a person, how his family is supportive of his love for photography, Nepal and the Sherpas.