The Chaliyar is a peaceful river  which originates from the Elambalari Hills in the Wayanad plateau and empties in the Lakshadweep Sea. Upholding the cause of conservation of this river, Chaliyaar River Challenge by Clean Rivers Initiative facilitated by Jellyfish Watersports, came up with the idea of Kayaking for a cause.

Chaliyar River Challenge is a 3 days and 70 kms paddling event in the Chaliyar river organised by a group of professional kayakers. Chaliyar River Challenge aims at promoting the many recreational and adventurous ways this river can be used. It also aims at initiating a connection between the river and youngsters, school children and families. The event will be flagged off from Nilambur on 23rd of September and will conclude at Beypore on 25th of September.

Only a few dare to venture out of the cocoon of the ordinary and explore the realm of the extraordinary. Moreover, only a few fan the flames of possible human potential. 18 year old Shubham Kajale from Pune has done just that. Shubham has not only bagged the Iron Man title in Australia, but has also earned another badge of honour of being the youngest Indian to have completed the race.

Do you long to venture into terrains less explored and camp in the depths of wilderness for a couple of days? Ever wish to sing around a bonfire with your friends and dream about spending the nights gazing at the open starry sky? All this can last to become nothing more than a romantic notion if you are not equipped with the right kind of gear and essentials when outdoors.

Camping out in wilderness is a mode of self-actualization, sure. But it’s undeniable that difficulty and discomfort are two elements that personify any form of camping trip you embark on, be it adventure camping, social camping or so to say “glamping”, a trending phenomenon that combines camping with the glamour of luxury.

To ace all your troubles and to show you what you have been missing out on, we have rendered a perfect list of some amazing camping tools that would change your camping experience if you had them.

“Jump and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall”

Ray Bradbury

The crazy extreme sport of Base Jumping and Wingsuit Flying does not have many takers in India. A relatively new sport in the country, it still has a long way to go to be established as an adventure sport. But there is one man, an army man who is the pioneer in India as the first wingsuit flyer and also a base jumper. Meet Retired Lt Col Satyendra Verma.

Text By Shraddha Mehta

Being in outdoors is always rewarding. Getting that feel of Independence and wanderlust attracts all. When we are outdoors it involves a lot of things from, gear to commute to hygiene, especially for women. A day’s hike is somewhat manageable when it comes to dealing with different body fluids. Yet how you manage is still tricky. Females have to think more about the basic natural needs than their male counterparts.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Jim Morrison

The above quote is the reason why friends are a blessing. A shoulder to cry on, always the first person to be happy in your achievements, that one person you can always look upon for help, who understands you better even without you saying it, are some meanings of a friend. A friend is a life line and a friend is what makes us complete as a person.

“A Sailor is an artist, whose medium is the wind”

-Webb Chiles

Here is one artist just like Webb Chiles says. We introduce to you one of India’s Youngest Sailors, Ananya Chouhan. Since falling in love with the waters at age 12, Ananya has not looked back. She has many wins which add to her list of achievements in India and abroad.

Doing fantastically well even in academics, Ananya Chouhan bagged a silver in the  Laser 4.7 Girls, under 18 category at the recently held Hyderabad Sailing Week. In July 2015 in 30th Laser Sailing Championship Hyderabad, she  won a Gold medal in the under 16 Girls category .

White Water Kayaking is still a recreational sport in India. To make it interesting and more adventurous, the Malabar River Festival in Kerala calls in many paddlers to Iruvanjhipuzha and Chalipuzha Rivers to compete with each other. Termed as Asia’s Biggest Kayaking festival, this year the extreme adventure competition in God’s Own Country had events for Kayakers of all levels. A fun event held on 29-31st July had some quirky titles for it winners like ‘The Rapid Rajah’ and ‘The Rapid Rani’ who were the paddlers that won the Super Finals.