The process of zeroing in on a single trekking place for our next adventure reminds us that, where there are places that are exceedingly frequented, there are places yet to be traversed. Where there are places immensely famed, there are stunning places yet to be known.

What a pleasure would it be to travel our country beyond its beaten tracks and trails to new horizons and different directions. So in this filtered digital era, lay your hold on this opportunity of witnessing beauty at its unfiltered best by travelling the offbeat heights and corners of the country and its wilderness.

We present to you our comprehensive list of 26 awe-inspiring offbeat treks in India and provide key insights to each one of them that will entice a lot of you to set off on your next adventure trek. May you see the unseen and frequent the unfrequented.

We are going to keep updating our list of offbeat treks in India because of the extensive range of stunning treks India is endowed with. So let us know if you want to see any specific trek to be a part of our updated list in the future.

With the arrival of monsoons it feels as if everything which is lifeless from the summer heat comes alive, life blooms in all shapes and colours which makes everything look beautiful. Taking a sip of hot coffee and enjoying the rains is what an ideal afternoon would look like.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Rabindranath Tagore

Aren’t the monsoons exactly the way Rabindranath Tagore says? The moment we see the rains pouring down all we want to do is go out and enjoy getting drenched. With rains come the opportunity to venture outdoors and explore the amazing and beautiful nature.  From Trekking to Whitewater Rafting, rains are a blessing for the adventure junkie as there are so many interesting adventure activities in monsoons which will make you fall in love with the rains.
Here’s a list of Adventure Sports activities you can do in the Monsoons. So get into your raincoats and chase the waters!