Text By Saurabh Kalkar

2015 had been epic in many proportions for the adventure circuit. Here is a look back at how phenomenal this year has been!

While you were seated in your office chair trying to make something out of the adventure streak in you, few people were redefining the history and setting higher benchmarks in adventure activities for the coming year.

Tis the Season!

Christmas is here and so are the days to enjoy and spend some amazing time doing what you love. Be it Skiing, Sledging or going on a winter trek, this season has something exciting for everybody.

You don’t need a reason to gift your loved ones, but in case you are looking for an excuse, Christmas it is! If you have an adventure junkie in your life what’s more amazing than gifting your partner a cool adventure gift.  Here are some of the gifting ideas that you can try to gift your adventure soul.

Here’s our List of Adventure Gifts for Adventure Addicts



Paragliding has been giving wings to enthusiasts long before Red bull came up with the tagline “Red Bull Gives you Wings”. It was much later than the advent of the sport, when David Barish was discovered by Xavier Murillo as he was researching for his book, ‘The History of Paragliding’.

Contrary to popular belief, paragliding took birth in the United States of America.