Six-man contingent to make #India proud at #Ironman Triathlon at Zurich

Before we begin on why we must watch out for the Zurich chapter of the Ironman triathlon this year, here is a small brief on what the Ironman triathlon is all about!

A triathlon typically is a one-day sporting event that is a set of three sports; swimming-cycling-running that stands as a test of endurance and stamina. Although the distances vary, the Ironman triathlon is conducted by the World Triathlon Corporation consists of a 3.8 km swim, followed by a 180 km bicycle ride and 42 km marathon, in that order. The triathlon has a strict time limit of 17 hours and that why it’s one of the most gruelling race across the world. Any person who completes the race within this time is deservedly called an Ironman. (And if you start behaving like Tony Stark… who could blame you!)

This year, the Zurich chapter of the triathlon will see a six-men Indian contingent. Here are the proud list of the participants:

Dr Kaustubh Radkar (32)

dr radkar

Pune-based Dr Kaustubh Radkar ran the Ironman for the first time in 2008 when he was introduced to it by his friends, and since then there has been no looking back for this 11-time Ironman winner. Radkar, Founder and CEO at RadRx provides professional rehabilitation care to people suffering from acute/ chronic diseases, athletes of all levels as well as for individuals who suffer with pain. Participating for the 12th year, Radkar juggles between giving time for his training, the rehab centre and guiding the other Ironman participants.


Milind Soman (49)


Super-model, actor, producer and a health freak, Milind Soman is spotted in several marathons and sporting events including the Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon. He was a national-level swimmer for India before he was spotted as a model. This is the first time that Soman will be participating in the Ironman triathlon.


Dr Anand Patil (51)

The Mumbai-based Dr Patil started running eight years ago when he competed in half-marathons. Soon enough he was running full marathons all across the world. As a part of his training, he cycles from Pune to Mumbai every Tuesday while his wife drives alongside. Even as Dr Patil has participated several times in other Ironman events, this is the second time that he will be participating in Ironman Zurich.

Hiren Patel (27)

Hiren Patel

Infosys employee Hiren Patel came to Pune about six years ago from Surat, his hometown, when he took up cycling to pass time. His hobby then turned into a passion when he started cycling long distances and took up running too. Patel has participated in several races around the world, but will be participating in Ironman for the first time. He learnt swimming for the purpose of this event.


Shantanu Ganbote (23)

shantanu ganbote

Shantanu Ganbote perhaps defines ‘aiming for the stars’. Fresh out of college, Ganbote finished his MBA in International Business while he would also organise treks and adventure sports. Not having participated in any triathlon did not stop this young lad from targeting one of the toughest races around the world. The first timer started learning swimming a few months ago and is already showing promising hopes.

Prithviraj Patil (26)

prithviraj patil

A Pune local and another MBA grad, Prithviraj Patil was working for National Education Foundation when he heard of the Ironman triathlon. Patil has been participating in races across India since over five years but this will be his first foreign race for which he started learning swimming six months ago.  From a learner to a pro, Patil has come a long way and finds himself Ironman-ready.


Let’s cheer our men… who try to raise the “N” of their own limits. They need all the support they can get this July 19.  Get updates at @AdventureNCom on Twitter and show your support with #AdventureN